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Are you a creative person who likes to twist and turn things around?

Cure-a-Phobia is looking for people who want to do a remix on our feminist song Highly Offensive.

In return we can, for example, do an acoustic cover of your song! Contact us if it feels interesting!

All stems can be found hereJust go for it!

Send the remix to no later than 20/9.

The remix (or a limited number of remixes) will be released on Comedia in October!







Highly Offensive


Gentlemen are men

who make an effort when

they see a woman in distress,

they do impress

And gentlemen are men

who hold the door for them

Reach out a hand for them to grab when they get out from a cab


Some of them will when

you hold the door for them

be so confused

that they won’t know how to get in

And some of them will when

you perform better than them

be so offended they won’t know where to, know where to begin


And then there are all

who think because we’re small

We need assistance,

can’t do anything at all

And also there are those

who dance a bit too close

thinking they are charming you but all they do is stepping on your toes


It’s all very rude

And it’s highly offensive (it’s offensive)

It’s a sad medieval attitude

And it’s highly offensive (it’s offensive)


And the sexual remark

from the stranger in the park

Most girls won’t risk

to be alone out in the dark

Because there are a few

Who think they should pursue

‘Cause women play hard to get and secretly, secretly want you


Then they blame it on us
And that is more than offensive

It’s hard to feel security and trust

and it is highly oppressive


They judge us for the clothes we wear

and that’s super offensive

it is fair to fall into despair

because it’s highly offensive


But those who treat us justly and upfront

Yes that is highly effective

and ask us what we really want

that can be truly attractive


Talk equally to girls and boys
Yes that is really reflective

Give equal salary to all employees

It’s messed up that it’s progressive


Don’t assume that we don’t have a clue
because it’s kind of offensive

There’s a chance that we know what we do
Is that so hard to imagine?