Here’s Barbie Girl!

Our new singles is a dark cover of Aqua’s mega hit from the 90’s!
Guest musicians: Max Tellving – vocals, John Essing – Electric Guitar, Rasmus Nyvall – tenor sax, Göran Abelli – trombone


La Chanson du Cochon – the Song of the Pig, the first single of our upcoming album Regeneration, was released on September 5th 2018 on Comedia.
The single, taken from our upcoming third album Regeneration, features special guest appearances by the guitarist Johnny Essing (member of the legendary Swedish band bob hund), Nils Andersson (who plays Đàn bầu) and Anne Martin Tryffel, the Head of Economics at Cure-a-Phobia (grunts).


What’s Kind About Mankind, our second album, was released on March 1st 2014 on the independent label åddbåpp produktion. The album was released digitally but a limited edition vinyl records is also available.

”Playful and headstrong. This Malmö quartet makes very unique music with a touch of jazz, pop and what sometimes, for lack of a better term, is called cabaret music, but puts their very own signature on it.” ”It all sounds theatrical, playful, sometimes a little sorrowful, and very odd in a good way.”
- Rasmus Klockljung, Lira


”If Kate Bush grew up in the circus and had cabaret jazz in her headphones, she probably would have sounded like Cure-a-Phobia does on their second album,” ”The arrangements are wayward and without any reference”
Ola Claesson, Smålandsposten


”There is something fundamentally playful with Cure-a-Phobias music”, ”being experimented without actually going outside the box.”
Christer Paulstrup, Ystad Allehanda


Nattfjäril, the album’s first single, is available on Spotify and as a music video on Youtube.

”Along with a fragile and rippling new single comes an equally beautiful video. The video dances like a fairy upon morning dew, gentle and feather light.”
- Pontus Berg, Gaffa.se


Water, our debut album, was released in February 2012 and warmly received by both listeners and critics:

”Unashamed, fearless, playful and dissolute in both rhythm, harmony and sound.”
- Håkan Engström, Sydsvenskan


”They build a playful, theatrical structure”, ”The album is full of clever, quirky surprises which the band picks up and follows to the end of the road.”
- Ralph Bretzer, Skånska dagbladet


”Every song is a musical and melodic experiment that feels guided and molded, yet full of playfulness and experimental debauchery”, ”On the whole it is wilful, unexpected, delightful and very, very good.”
- Maria Stock Gréen, Lira

 Cure-a-Phobia (profile), Photo Michel Thomas